Vantar sárlega bol frá Landsvirkjun

31. maí 2007

Í bréfinu lýsir Tom Gallacher heimsókn sinni í Kröflustöð og segist hafa tekið ástfóstri við bolinn sem hann fékk í gestastofunni. Sorg hans var því stór þegar bolurinn rifnaði. Biður hann um að sér verði sendur nýr bolur. Við höfum að sjálfsögðu orðið við þeirri ósk og vonum við að Tom taki gleði sína þegar hann getur klæðst bolnum aftur.


Good Afternoon!
I am Tom Gallacher!
I live in Scotland and have visited your beautiful country twice now, and hope to return in the future.
On my second trip, I visited a power station. If my memory serves me correctly, it was near Krafla.
I am only 16, and interested in science and technology, so the tour I had was fascinating.
There was a delightful girl who took us round and I must say she had the most wonderful smile. She must have been about my age. I wish I could remember her better. Perhaps you could put me in touch with her? I'd like to say hello again.
At the end of our tour, we were even given lovely tee-shirts.
They were navy blue and had a picture of a stick-man walking into a lamp post in the dark, but cautiously avoiding it when he could "see the light" because of your cool power stations.
I really loved that tee-shirt. Almost as much as the pretty girl's smile.
Anyway, yesterday, I cried.
My beloved tee-shirt, gratefully received from your kind selves, ripped.
The sleeve caught on a tree.
I was running at the time and didn't have time to stop.
It was too late.
The ultimate piece of clothing, rendered useless.
I'm sorry I had to break the news to you like this.
It pains me, it really does.
But I just wanted you to know, that while that tee-shirt was mine, it had a good life.
It saw the world from my chest.
For allowing me to give it that chance, I thank you.
But I might ask one last favour of you (apart from perhaps finding the pretty girl's email? Please?).
Could you please send another tee shirt?
I am a male medium.
I wouldn't normally ask, but you see, I promised to show it to a friend.
And how can I display the cadaver that once was?
No, he must see it in its former glory.
Wouldn't you agree?
Of course you would!
Which is why, I owe you my thanks again.
The address to send the tee-shirt to is at the foot of this correspondence.
Friends, I salute you.
Yours eternally,
Tom Gallacher.

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í bolum frá Landsvirkjun.

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