Geothermal drilling works at Theistareykir / Tilboð opnuð í jarðboranir á Þeistareykjum

27. janúar 2016

Bids for geothermal drilling works tender nr. 20195 were opened Tuesday December 15th. The following bids were received:

Tenderers name:  Amount in ISK Amount in USD
LNS Saga ehf. and Leonard Nilsen and Sønner AS 2.338.492.187  17.986.760
Daldrup & Söhne AG 3.801.169.183,07 1.528.832.854,69
Jarðboranir ehf.  3.341.942.347,33
JV Entrepose Geodrilling and Borfélag Íslands ehf 6.703.567.955 50.888.696
LV Cost Estimate 39.381.893,41

As registered as remark at the opening of tenders for “Geothermal Drilling Works, Tender nr. 20195”  some misunderstanding occurred among Tenderers positioning their Tender amounts in The Letter of Tender and whether the unit prices should have been single currency or not. After correction of arithmetical errors and converting the Icelandic krónur (ISK) amount of Tenders into USD (United States dollars) according to Tender Documents, THR-02, No. 20195, the Tender prices are as follows:

Jarðboranir hf.                                                                             $ 25.369.389,31-
LNS Saga ehf, and Leonard Nilsen and Sonner AS $ 35.800.486,71-
JV Entrepose Geodrilling and Borfélag Íslands ehf. $ 50.888.723,50-
Daldrup & Söhne AG. $ 53.755.263,56-

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